Chile seeks second amphibious warfare ship

19 June 2013

Admiral Ernesto Larranaga assumed command of the Chilean Navy, replacing Admiral Edumndo Gonzalez on 18 June, and local sources tell IHS Jane's that the navy will continue with plans to procure the second Foudre-class amphibious warfare ship, Siroco (L9012), after it was scheduled for early decommissioning from the French Navy.

Siroco would complement Sargento Aldea(ex-Foudre), which joined the Chilean fleet in 2012. The increase in Chilean amphibious warfare capabilities is meant to strengthen the Amphibious Expeditionary Brigade (BAE) that was established in December 2011. Moreover, the BAE is in early 2014 to receive 12 AAV7 amphibious assault vehicles that are currently undergoing upgrades.

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