• Better connected

    KADDB Investment Group (KIG) has announced a new joint venture (JV) with AMANCOM Auto Dialer & Fire Protection Systems LLC. Known as AWACS, the JV will establish a network of auto-dialler and early alarm systems throughout facilities such as schools, hospitals and government buildings, as well

  • Safe as cars

    Almost 150 years of innovative transportation expertise lies embedded in Stoof International’s automotive security products (Hall 1, Stand B113). Established in 1865 in Germany, the firm embarked on automotive security for the cash in transit industry. Today it produces a range of discreet

  • Steely protection

    Polish armour producer Huta Stali Jakosciowych SA produces a range of armoured steel and is exhibiting its products at SOFEX in the Polish Pavilion (Hall 1, Stand 130). Its Armstal 450, 500 and 550 armour is applicable to a range of vehicles that require ballistic protection, and the company can

  • Spectre calling

    California-based Datron World Communications (Hall 6, Stand A610) announced at SOFEX that it has just delivered an initial order for its tactical VHF handheld radios to a customer in Africa, writes Sam J Basch. “Delivering our new Spectre V HH2100V handheld radio marks a significant milestone

  • Qatar goes on spending spree

    In recent years, the Middle East has become the highest spending region of the world for defence, and a lucrative market for many of the world’s manufacturers. Leading the spending for many years has been Saudi Arabia, closely followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Now, Qatar is utilising

  • At the cutting edge

    With a history in commercial cutlery dating from 1977, Italian firm Fox Knives (Hall 1, Stand B141) started supplying the military and Special Forces with specialised and quality tools in the early 1980s. Taking its name from the initials of the founder Oreste Frati, Fox Knives soon established FKMD

  • Only a sniff of it

    Field Forensics Inc (Hall 6, Stand B653), a long-time supplier of kits to detect, identify and defeat explosive and other threats, now offers two new advanced products. Explained Craig Johnson, chief executive: “FFI Tactical has just brought to market our Ultra- HME field kit with colorimetric

  • Royal salute

    SOFEX opened in spectacular style yesterday morning as His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein and distinguished guests witnessed a thrilling display of the professionalism and skills of Jordan’s Special Forces. Following the arrival of His Majesty and the traditional royal salute,

  • Advanced ‘Little Bird’ lands

    Making its debut outside the US here at SOFEX is the MD 540F from MD Helicopters. The aircraft is the latest version of the proven MD 500 family that has been used for scout and light attack duties for many years. Jordan’s Special Operations Command flies the MD 530F version, and the agility

  • KADDB rolls out self-propelled gun

    The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) is showing its 105mm self-propelled (SP) gun at SOFEX (Hall 5). This consists of a 4x4 cross-country truck chassis, on the rear of which is mounted the US 105mm M102 towed howitzer with powered elevation and traverse. Other types of weapon

  • Georgia upgrades rocket launcher

    Tbilisi, Georgia-based STC Delta (Hall 1, Stand B118) has completed the prototype of the GG-122, an upgraded version of the widely deployed Russian BM-21 122mm 40-round artillery rocket system (ARS). The BM-21 is normally installed on an unprotected Ural- 375D 6x6 cross-country chassis. STC Delta

  • Security with Commando Select

    Textron Systems, Marine and Land Systems (Hall 6, Stand B40) has brought its latest Commando Select (4x4) light armoured vehicle to SOFEX with the aim of securing orders from the region. The Commando Select is a further development of the US Army Guardian M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV).

  • Sure-fire improvement

    With the Jordanian special operations forces intent on modernising their UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters along with onboard weapons systems, Arizona-based Profense (Hall 6, Stand A614) is proposing an innovative solution, writes Sam J Basch. According to Christopher Myers, chief marketing officer,

  • MMP to replace MILAN

    MBDA (Hall 1, Stand B122) is exhibiting a full-scale model of its Missile Moyenne Portee (MMP) anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW), which is now under full-scale funded development for the French Army. This missile system is the replacement for the currently deployed MILAN that has been built in large

  • Teaming agreement for ECM

    Toronto-based Highland Integrated Surveillance Systems Inc (HISS) (Hall 1, Stand B134) has just announced a teaming agreement with Rotorcraft Services Group (RSG) to jointly promote, integrate and qualify electronic countermeasures systems, writes Sam J Basch. HISS has built a solid reputation as

  • Advanced demolition

    Chemring is highlighting its demolition explosives on Stand A145 in Hall 1. It supplies PE8 plastic explosive in pre-wrapped 500g blocks, which are packed into blocks of four. They are fitted with universal detonator glands that allow the entire 2kg to be detonated as a single charge. Five blocks

  • PAPF’s Snow Leopard unit triumphs again

    The Chinese People’s Armed Police Force’s (PAPF) elite Snow Leopard Commando Unit has once again triumphed at the annual Warrior Competition that is held at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre in the days leading up to the SOFEX show. Another Chinese PAPF special

  • Roketsan progresses air defence programme

    Last year, Roketsan (Hall 1, Stand A109) successfully undertook the first test launches of its air defence missile for the Hisar-A system. The trials began on 6 September at the Tuz Gölü test site, the weapon being fired from a truck-mounted canister. The indigenously developed air

  • Drive on

    First-time SOFEX participant Polaris Defense (Hall 6, Stand A615) is o ffering its o -road and ultra-light tactical vehicles to the US and allied forces in the Middle East and elsewhere. The MRZR 4 (pronounced ‘M-razor’) on show is a highly agile tactical vehicle with a range of modular

  • Making tracks on the quiet

    Canadian company Soucy Defense (Hall 1, Stand C113) has expanded its range of rubber band tracks for armoured fighting vehicles. When compared with conventional steel tracks, Soucy Defense rubber band tracks o ffer the user a number of significant advantages. These include a saving in weight, less